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madonna di loreto

La Madonna di Loreto

- Madonna di Loreto (Marches)
The “Holy City” lies on a hill at 127 mt above the sea level. It is partly surrounded by XVI-century walls; the Sanctuary of Madonna di Loreto, one of the most well-known Christian sanctuaries and a great attraction for tourists and religious people from all over the world, rises above the city.
The legend says that, once Muslims invaded Palestine, the house of the Holy Family from Nazareth was carried by angels at first to Tersatto, in Jugoslavia, and afterwards (1294) to the opposite seashore of the Adriatic sea in a laurel wood (called Lauretum).
In the square of Madonna di Loreto you can see the Sanctuary, the Apostolic Palace, the Illyrian Palace and the XVII-century Fountain of Madonna, located in the middle of the square.


(Holy house)
Loreto, 127 mt
- Santuario della Santa Casa (Sanctuary of the Holy house)
The Sanctuary of the Holy House is a sumptuous building which was built in the XV century by Marino from Marcocedrino and Giuliano from Maiano, by mixing the Gothic style with elements anticipating the Renaissance style. The façade has three wonderful bronze portals decorated with remarkable basreliefs. The interior is a Latin cross; it contains frescoes by Melozzo from Forlì, by Luca Signorelli and by Ludovico Seitz. Below the octagonal cupola, built by Giuliano from Sangallo, it is located the Holy House which shows a marble coating, work of Bramante, and basreliefs and statues as ornaments.
In the several sacristies you can see remarkable works of art:
  • in St Marco sacristy you can admire frescoes by Melozzo from Forlì dating back to 1487;
  • in St Giovanni sacristy you can see frescoes by Luca Signorelli dating back to 1479;
You can find other works of art in the German Sacristy and in the Crucifix Chapel.
A slender XVIII-century belfry, work of Vanvitelli, rises next to the Chruch.

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