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carnevale di venezia

Carnival of Venice

- Carnevale di Venezia
One of the most extraordinary events is the Carnival of Venice, which attracts hundreds of thousands visitors from all over the world. For about 10 days in the streets of the city you can see incredible colours and masks. On those days Venice is the quintessence of entertainment and music.


(Carnival of Venice)
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Carnevale di Venezia
It is said that Carnival was born in 1094 in Venice, when Doge Vitale Faliero mentioned it for the first time in an official document.
The Senate of Repubblica Serenissima made Carnival official in 1296 through an edict fixing the day before Lent as a public holiday. As a rule Carnival started on 26 December and finished on Ash Wednesday. However licences to wear masks by 1 October were often granted, so that you could take part in banquets at Lent time too. Therefore Carnival time lasted some months.
Nowadays over 500,000 tourists come to Venice to celebrate and take part in one of the most popular Carnival all over the world. Visitors stroll around the city, watching shows and plays and taking part in masked balls which take place in ancient aristocratic palaces. In San Marco Square you can watch the so-called “Volo della colombina” (i.e. the flight of the small dove) ceremony: an acrobat gets down from San Marco Bell Tower along a rope, carrying on his shoulders a wooden reproduction of a dove strewing flowers over the crowd.
The so-called “fritole”, i.e. the official cake of Venice, are sold in all the stands of the city.

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