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Amphitheatre of Lecce - Italy

(Amphitheatre of Lecce)
Lecce, 0 mt


Anfiteatro di Lecce (Amphitheatre of Lecce)
The Roman Amphitheatre of Lecce dates back to the II century A.D. . On account of its dimensions - it is about 102 mt x 82 mt - they thought it could contain about 25,000 spectators; performances involving animals and fights between human people and animals took place there, as it is confirmed by the images, portraying hunting scenes or wild animals, on the marble parapet separating the terraches from the arena. The arena is ellyptic.
However what you can see today is only one half of the whole Amphitheatre: in fact, the other half of it has not been digged out since remarkable and very ancient buildings stand just on it.





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Amphitheatre of Lecce


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