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Castle of Trani - Italy

(Castle of Trani)
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Castello di Trani (Castle of Trani)
Built by order of Frederick II in 1233 and ended in 1294, the Castle of Trani is the only one among the fortresses belonging to Frederick II to be located on the sea.It is a four-sided fortress with four towers on its corners: the original features of the Swabian style have been preserved very well.
Originally the Castle was a defensive building, afterwards it became one of the favourite residence of Manfred, who celebrated there his second wedding.Throughout the centuries the castle has undergone several works which enlarged and changed its structure: modified by the Angevines, it was then spoiled by subsequent extensions, becoming even a prison.After long and accurate restoration works, today you can visit many castle's rooms and courtyards.




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Castle of Trani


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