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Castle of Barletta - Italy

(Castle of Barletta)
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Castello di Barletta (Castle of Barletta)
Probably the Castle of Barletta was built during the Norman age. Defensive works were done between 1552 and 1559. Further works were done throughout the centuries until the recent restaoration work which started in 1970 and ended a short time ago. Those kind of works let us to use the castle as a cultural place too. In fact, inside the castle you can see a "lapidarium", a permanent exhibition of weapons and of ancient local handicrafts, a place devoted to temporary exhibitions, a conference room, a representative Municipality room, an exhibition of some important pictures coming from the Civic Museum, the seat of the Tourist Agency and finally the Civic Library.
As to its structure, the castle's entrance is on the southern side and it is reachable through a stone bridge.
In the entrance hall the door on the left gets to the ancient seat of the guard whereas the one on the right gets to the chapel where the lords of the castle were buried.
The many rooms of the castle are very sumptuous and wide; the vaults under the ramparts are wide too.



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Castle of Barletta


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