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Castle of Manfredonia - Italy

(Castle of Manfredonia)
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Castello di Manfredonia (Castle of Manfredonia)
The Castle of Manfredonia is the result of changes, extension and restoration works done throughout several ages. Originally the body of the cstle consisted of a four-sided building surrounded by defensive walls linked by five square-shaped towers: four towers were located at the corners whereas the fifth one was probably located near the North-East door, i.e. the main castle's entrance. Today, due to incorporation works, the former four-sided buildings have been changed into cylinder-sided embattled towers.
During the Aragonese reign (1442) the Castle was further changed: in fact, new castle walls were built. But in 1620 the castle was conquered by the Turks because of the smallness of artillery and the lack of high defensive parapets capable of protecting the defenders.
Once lost its former role as a fortress, during the XVIII century the Castle became barracks whereas the Western embattled tower was used as a prison.
In 1968, through D.P.R. n°952 of June 21, the Castle was donated to the State by the Municipality: on account of it, the State undertook to create an Archaeological Museum inside the castle in order to preserve the finds from the surrounding territory.


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Castle of Manfredonia


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