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Tower of Bisceglie in Apulia - Italy

(Tower Norman)
Bisceglie, 0 mt

(Castle of Bisceglie)
Bisceglie, 0 mt
Torre Maestra Normanna (Norman Main Tower)
It is called "Norman" mistakenly as it was built by the Normans only partly; in fact, even though the second's and third's floor's vault of the Tower is Gothic, that style had not been introduced in Southern Italy in the year 1240 yet.Therefore the Normans probably built only the first floor of the building.
During ther Swabian time it was necessary to make the Tower higher.
In the past the Tower gave shelter to the people; today it is an ethnographic museum.

The castle, probably built during the Swabian time and afterwards made higher by the Angevines, was completed in the forty-year period between the two dynasties. Originally the castle was a four-sided building with five towers; today there are three towers left.
The North-East tower is adjacent to the XII-century St Giovanni in Castro Church, which was included in the castle as its chapel during the Angevin time.

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Tower of Bisceglie


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