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Castle of Bari - Italy

(The Swabian Castle)
Bari, 0 mt

(The Swabian Castle)
Bari, 0 mt
The Swabian Castle:
It is one of the monuments in the city visited more than any others by tourists. Federico II from Swabia ordered its construction between 1233 and 1240; the Castle was built on the ruins of a building dating back to the Norman age.
The central part of the castle is made up of a trapezoidal fortress with two towers and some embattled towers. You get to an inner courtyard, formed by a loggia with two columns whose capitals are in eagle shape, through a gothic portal and a columnade.
Here you can see the so-called Tower "del semaforo" and the Tower of "minorenni".
Upstairs a memorial tablet reminds us the visit by St Francesco.

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Castle of Bari


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