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Castle of Oria - Italy

(Castle of Oria)
Oria, 166 mt


Castello di Oria (Castle of Oria)
From the hill the Castle dominates the old town centre of Oria, a city of ancient origins lying in the northeast side of the Canal of Otranto.Oria or Hyria was a very important place as it is confirmed by the findings of coins,tombs,vases and inscriptions.During the Middle Ages it was disputed by the Goths,the Byzantines, the Longobards and the Saracens because of its strategic position.Afterwards it became property of the Principality of Taranto and its Castle played an important role in the struggles of the Angevin time and in the wars between the Spanish and the French people.
Built by Frederick II in 1227 and ended during the XV century, the Castle is a massive three-sided fortress equipped with big towers - the biggest ones are the so-called Torre Normanna (Norman Tower),Torre del Cavaliere (Tower of the Knight) and Torre del Santo (Tower of the Saint) - and with embattled barrage.Throughout the centuries the Castle has undergone many works.Inside it you can visit the Martini-Carissimo Archaeological Museum and the XI-century crypt of St Crisante and of St Daria.


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Castle of Oria


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