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Castle of Palagianello - Italy

(Castle of Palagianello)
Palagianello, 133 mt


Castello di Palagianello (Castle of Palagianello)
The baronial Castle of Palagianello dates back to the first half of the XVI century and it was built by Baron Tiberio Domini Roberto for defensive purposes. Three centuries later it became the residence of Counts Stella-Caracciolo, who restored and enlarged the castle.
Originally the castle's entrance was along its western side and you could enter it through a drawbridge, which was afterwards replaced by a two-arched drawbridge.The present entrance was created afterwards as well as a private chapel, which was built in 1874 by Count Antonio Stella-Caracciolo.
The castle is a four-sided fortress with an inner courtyard; four massive embattled towers stand on its corners, dominating the ravine. A series of small arches are all around the building,that is also surrounded by a showy string-course.On the entrance portal you can see the coat of arms of the noble Stella-Caracciolo Family.
The Castle is located in a small city of medieval origins called Paglianello; the village's name comes from its dimensions:in fact, Paglianello is the smallest village among the ones situated in the west of Taranto.


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Castle of Palagianello


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