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Castle of Taranto - Italy

(Castle of Taranto)
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Castello di Taranto (Castle of Taranto)
The Castle dates back to the Aragonese age. It is a big four-sided fortress overlooking the sea, equipped with four very large cylinder-sided embattled towers.
It was built by order of Ferdinand, the king of Aragon, as a defensive building and it was completed in 1492; during the XVIII century the castle was a prison and afterwards it was given to the Navy.
Not so far from the castle you can see the popular "Ponte Girevole" ("Swing Bridge"), which opens quickly thus allowing you to sail the canal linking the Mar Piccolo (Small Sea) to the Mar Grande (Big Sea).
Today the castle is the official seat of the sea military department Headquarters of the Jonio Sea and of the Canal of Otranto.




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Castle of Taranto


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