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Amphitheatre of Lucera - Italy

(Amphitheatre of Lucera)
Lucera, 219 mt


Anfiteatro di Lucera (Amphitheatre of Lucera)
The Augustan Amphitheatre of Lucera is the biggest Roman amphitheatre in Southern Italy.The monument, which lies in a wide natural depression in the ground in the east side of the city, was built by order of the military tribune Marco Vecilio Campo in honour of Emperor Octavian when the Roman Senate conferred on him the title of "Augustus" (27 B.C.).
The Amphitheatre is ellyptic; gymnastic displays, fights among gladiators, fights among wild animals and performances of naval battles took place there.But because of the spread of Christianity and the consequent prohibition of performing such bloody performances, the Amphitheatre decayed; its ruins were exploited as building material, above all for the construction of the Swabian Castle.Today the Amphitheatre is the result of restoration works which started in 1932 and ended in 1945: thanks to them two imponent marble portals, allowing the entrance to the ellyptic cavea, were built again.



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Amphitheatre of Lucera


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