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Le Gravine - Italy


Our territory originated about 150 million years ago, when the movements of the earth's crust caused a subsidence of the sea basin creating Apulia. Enormous amounts of water flowed from Murge Plateau towards the sea. The water eroded, modelled, dismantled the solid limestone, it penetrated into the rock's cracks,forming underground rivers which eroded deeply.

The water flowed carrying pebbles and stones which were thrown against the rocky walls, breaking them and leaving deep hollows. Once back to surface, water deposited those sediments which originated the so-called "tuff", i.e. soft calcareous rocks. That crack was gradually widened by collapses due to earthquakes and by wind, sun and frost erosion, thus becoming a "ravine". The origin of ravines dates back to 60 million years ago.
In the wide and dry rocky bank of Murge Plateau the ravines are real natural oasis: in fact, especially in spring streams flowing from Murge Plateau form small fresh water lakes and little torrents flowing throughout the gorge up to the coast.

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